Traction Avant Wedding car

I helped out a friend today for a wedding with the Traction Avant. Tractions are not often seen as wedding cars, but they are rather striking and work pretty well. For this wedding two Light 15s were used. The big bodied cars would probably work better, but the light 15 was roomy enough for five people. You do notice the extra weight – with only 56 h.p. even four slim bridesmaids mean rather slow progress up hills.

The other light 15 has an ID motor and four speed gearbox installed which probably helps, but the slow progress is part […]

250SE Wedding car

The 250SE Cabriolet did wedding duty today for my Sister’s wedding. The weather was lovely, and the 250SE is a great wedding car – driving the bridal party very close to the wedding with the roof closed then stopping to open it so they could arrive in style. I was even able to set the car up with a white ribbon that I got from a friend who runs a wedding car business. Given this cars extensive history it is likely it has done a wedding before, but if not one more thing ticked off.

The wedding was at Nielson […]