250SE Minor Improvements

I had a couple of small jobs on the 250SE I had been meaning to do for months.   Since the car is to be displayed at the German Car show, it seemed like a good time to do them.

One of the hubcaps was in poor condition.  I had another set of used hubcaps painted almost a year ago now.   However, I had not swapped the worst of the hubcaps on the car with one of the newly painted caps.     A small thing, but it made a big difference.

Next, the engine breather hose was cracked.   A simple thing to replace.   The rubber had gone very hard on the old one.

The boot light had always been missing since I got the car.   The wiring was there for it, coiled up in the corner of the boot, but the light itself was not.   It was a simple job to run the wiring through the boot lid and fit a replacement boot light.

Boot Light

Boot Light

Unlike in the modern cars, the light is only on when the headlights or parking lights are also turned on.

Finally, the washer reservoir was not mounted correctly.   At the time the car was restored, the battery hold down was missing.   The battery hold down has mounting points for the reservoir.   Since this was missing, an alternate mount was built nearby.   As the correct battery hold down was later found, the reservoir needed to be moved to the right spot and the tubes re-routed.   While I was at it, the reservoir bottle was filthy, but responded well to a good cleaning with Sugar Soap.  I didn’t want to go to far with the bottle in case it developed a crack.


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