Door mirrors for the Traction Avant

Driving a car from the 50’s often means impatient drives roaring around you when you set off from traffic lights, especially uphill.    Sydney drivers are particularly bad for this.

Traction Avants, as with most 50’s cars are only fitted with a small interior rear-view mirror and no outside mirror.   This makes parking and lane changing a challenge.

I had seen many tractions fitted with door mounted mirrors so I bought a set from Der Franzose and fitted them today.   The mirrors mount on the leading edge of the suicide doors, with a small bracket that allows the mirror to screw on.


As can be seen from the photo, there is a plastic insert to protect the paint and I had to cut the door rubber to ensure it fit.     The mirrors have two adjustment points, one at the base of the stalk and one for the mirror glass.   Despite these I have not been able to adjust the mirrors to my liking.   I can use them if I lean over, so they are better than no mirrors, but I am a bit disappointed by the overall quality and the adjustment range.


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