Finally, a cool running DS

Even on winter days, the DS had been getting a bit hot under the collar.   Granted, D’s have never been the coolest running cars, and the heat of the Australian summer can tax them and their passengers, but they should easily cope with most days, especially outside the summer months.  I had a few problems – the water pump was leaking and getting worse and worse, the heater didn’t work and the radiator couldn’t keep up outside stop and go traffic.   Not only that, the coolant, despite multiple flushes looked like ditch water.

I wanted to be able to use the car for D Day, an upcoming club event, so instead of spending months trying to do it myself, I took the car up to Jason Hantos.   He sent away my radiator and heater core to be looked and changed my water pump, radiator hoses and belts for me.   The old pump was in a bad way, and had been somewhat repaired at some point as well.

Water Pump anyone?

The new one looks much better, and more importantly does a much better job of cooling the car!  Having the radiator and heater core gone through doens’t hurt either.



My radiator was able to be flushed, but my heater core was too far gone, so I now have a renewed heater core.   My heater might actually work now – I have not yet tried it.   While Jason was in there, and the radiator and ducting was removed, the brake pads were also replaced as they were almost worn, and much easier to do while everything was out.  Driving home, the car stayed at a good temperature during stop and go traffic from Hornsby – so far so good.    Jason did mention my main pulley has been repaired in the past and is a bit noisy – but probably nothing needs to be done at this point.

This means I don’t need to carry all the water jugs when I use the car, and it will be ready for D Day on Sunday.

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