Removing the rear bumper from the DS

The next step to prepare the DS for paint was to remove the bumper bar.   This also allows the number plate panel to be removed which needs to be repainted as well.   In theory the whole bumper assembly can be removed by detaching the mounts, but I was not able to get the out.   Therefore, I removed each piece of the bumper assembly from the mounting points.   This will allow me to clean and polish them before I put them back on the car.

Bottom part of the bumper

The bottom part can be removed first, leaving the top part attached to the mounting points.   The wiring for the lights is quite easily removed from behind as well.   I found a wobble attachment for the ratchet was essential to get the various bolts undone.  Luckily, I don’t have a rusty car so the bolts were generally easy to remove, even if fiddly.   The Citroen workshop manuals were not really much help for this job.


I am starting to build up quite a collection of little labeled sandwich bags with various bolts and so on for re-installation.

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