Troubleshooting the Retrosound Model 2 in a Citroen DS

The Retrosound Model 2 is finally working in the Citroen DS, and working well!

The issue if you recall was that the unit would reboot any time I turned up the volume, used the bluetooth, etc.     I had wired up the radio to the accessory point behind the dashboard, however on closer examination of the DS manuals, this is rated 10A and the Retrosound requires 15A.

To get decent power to the radio, I ran a wire directly from the battery to the Retrosound.  There was a rubber grommet in the firewall that I was able to get the wire behind and then feed it through to the dash opening.    I found taping a long cable tie to the wire helped me feed it through where it needed to go.     This then solved the problem – you can actually listen to the radio, use the bluetooth and it all works great.

I will post a proper review of the radio once I have used it a bit more, but to summarize the install:

  • None of the standard faceplates fit, so I cut down a plate to fit and ‘merged’ it with part of the little cubby that used to be there.   I didn’t use the generic one, but one that had a little chrome surround for the radio.  (nice contrast from the black).  I also had to make cut outs for the knobs as the fit is very tight.
  • I wanted to mount the USB/AUX ports, and the Retrosound units are not really ‘mountable’ as standard, so I found an extender on ebay that is actually meant for motorbikes, but I was able to mount where the ashtray used to be.
  • The radio is too long to mount as it is, but the display/button unit can be removed, so the Retrosound is mounted perpendicular behind it.
  • The DS has no accessory position, so I used a dashboard switch (with a relay) to allow it to be turned on and off.
  • I used two 3.5″ speakers in the odd 7×3″ speaker hole for the front.

Retrosound finally in

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