2016 British Car Show

In my view, the British car show is probably the pick of the Sydney car shows each year.   It might not be as big as the Eastern Creek show, but it has a broader range of really interesting cars, and there is always something new you’ve never seen before.   This year the new one for me was a 1948 Healey Elliott.  Quite a striking shape and not a car I had ever seen before.   Donald Healey is always associated with the Austin-Healey but had a number of other ventures throughout the years.

For the 2016 British car show, I brought my E-Type and put it on display for the first time.  I did not put it in for judging as judging in the Jaguar club is very hot competition!

This year, in my view the best display probably went to the Jaguar’s in terms of coverage of their model range and interesting cars.    As usual, a good selection of E-Types, MK2s, XKs etc.   Surprisingly, there was a whole row of MK2s, even a couple of MK1s, but only one S-Type.    I always think the S-Type gets a bit of a bad rap and find it quite a handsome car.     Also no MK X, which again is a car that is somewhat under-loved.     It also seems, at least in Sydney that there are good number of XK120’s and XK150s, but you rarely see a 140.

For other cars, as usual the Rolls Royce club had a nice display of cars, and the pre-war cars are always interesting, especially a Phantom I and a 20/25.   There are also always plenty of the old British favorites, MGBs, Minis, Frog-Eye sprites etc.  As well as those more common ones, you could also see fire trucks, stationary engines, buses etc.

2016 British Car Show

All in all a good display and well worth it.   The 2015 photos can be found here.  My favorite cars from the day can also be found here.

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