Frontal Damage to the DS

Today I went to the Citroen Car Club meeting to get the historic rego signed for my Traction Avant.   I am not often able to attend these meetings so it was good to catch up with the members.   The club had a raffle at the meeting and I even won a prize!

I took the DS and it was running really nicely on the way home.  It is such a relaxing car to drive.

Unfortunately, disaster struck during parking when I knocked it into gear and sent it flying into a post.    After at least 10 years insured with Shannons this will be my first claim with them.  I hear they are easy to deal with and I hope I am able to have a quality repair done inside my agreed value.


My main concern is given the age of the paint and the level of fade etc, the whole car will probably need repainting.  This and minimum a new bumper up front plus extensive damage to the aluminum bonnet and the wings.   I hope all the duct work for the radiator is not damaged.

I was also really lucky nothing else was damaged at the warehouse.

Update 2018:  The DS is now fixed and back on the road better than ever.  You would not know it was in an front end smash.

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