Citroen DS Mirrors

One of the first and easiest jobs after the repaint was to fit the Citroen DS Mirrors.  Before the repaint I was continually having the mirrors adjust themselves at speeds above 80km/h.  That is, they would slowly fold inwards until they were touching the car.   I was also disappointed with the quality of the previous mirrors, so purchased new ones of a higher quality.   These are the correct smaller mirror for an 1970 car like mine.

This time, I was determined to have a better solution.   Instead of using the fiber washer that came with the mirror, I decided to use rubber washers.  I used a small one that was a tiny bit smaller than the base of the mirror on the outside, and a larger one for the insight.   This allowed me to really tighten up the nuts that old on the mirror.  The rubber should hopefully ‘grip’ better than the fiber washer and stop the mirror folding back.   I won’t know for a while until I can re-assemble the car and take it for a test drive.   My car originally only came with one mirror, but a few years ago I carefully drilled the hole in the door to add a passengers side mirror.  I find this invaluable for parking.

Citroen DS mirror

Getting the mirrors fitted early was important as I am often moving the car around in tight spaces and I do not want to damage my new paintwork.  I would encourage anyone with a classic car to fit a passengers side mirror if it is not already equipped.  This was actually one of the first things I did a few weeks ago, but I didn’t have time to update this site.    I also re-fitted the antenna.  Another easy thing that can be ticked off the list.     The picture above shows the rather acute angle of the rear drivers side window.   This was one of the primary reasons for doing the window adjustment.

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