2016 French car day

Today was the 2016 French car day.   As usual a good day out, including my Traction Avant taking out 1st place in the pre-1955 category.

Attendance was down this year compared to last year as the weather was a bit iffy this morning.     But it turned out nice enough in the end.   A humorous side show was a member of the Citroen car club arriving in his GS with only three wheels, showing off the ability of Hydraulic suspended Citroens to do it.    This car was for sale and he was trying to attract attention, which he achieved.  The GS is forgotten by many, but there are some enthusiasts of this model in the club.

2016 French car day

While the number of DS on display was down from prior years, there were some lovely restored examples.   But the highlight was probably the selection of of turn of last century cars, which were in great condition.

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