Citroen DS front end wiring – part 2

My efforts in getting the wiring right at the front of the DS continue to disappoint.   This time, I made a harness to test multiple wires at the same time.

Test Harness

This helped somewhat, but I think there may be something not hooked up right at the headlights.   As my car has been fitted with relays, the headlights should both come on at the same time from the passengers side wiring.   They kind of do, except one side is only on very dimly when the other side is on full.   So I also need to check the actual headlight connections.   I did get the indicators to work on the drivers side, so at least that is something.   The horn still blows when high beams are engaged.

I also read more closely the wiring diagram that helpfully indicates the colour of the connectors for each wire.   My car has some level of re-wiring in its past, as these do not correspond to what is actually there.    It is not original to the car, but the more I work on this wiring, the more I am tempted to replace the individual bullet connectors with one big plug.

I also had a go at replacing the passengers door contact switch which had broken.   This should be a 30 second job.   However, the ground wire fell back into the cavity and I was unable to reach it with pick tools and various hooks.   This will have to be a job for another day.    Maybe I need one of those inspection cameras.

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