Last drive of my $230 Rover P5 Coupe

I am no longer the owner of a Rover P5 Coupe.   The car was really too far gone to practically save it.  It needed pretty much everything.  Instead, I found a new owner that is going to use it for spares to get three Rover P5 Coupe’s in much better condition back on the road.   I wouldn’t normally like to see such a rare car get scrapped, but breaking one car in poor condition to save three is worth it.

Rover P5 CoupeI took the car on what is more than likely its very last drive on public roads.  A 50km run across Sydney in peak traffic.   The car ran OK, although the transmission was a bit temperamental and the ignition key chose a great time to stop working.  Luckily the Rover P5 Coupe has provision for a starting handle!  I’m sure it has been a long time that other motorists at a service station saw somebody crank starting a car after refuelling.

The new owner has 5 other Rovers on the premises:

  • 1963 Rover P5 MKIIa Coupe with manual transmission in Admiralty Blue.
  • 1965 Rover P5 MKIIc Coupe originally automatic, now converted to manual in Admiralty Blue.
  • 1966 Rover P5 MKIII Coupe, originally automatic,now converted to manual in Almond/Cream two tone.
  • 197x Rover 3500 Parts car.
  • 197x Rover 3500S under restoration

1963 Rover P5 Coupe

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