W126 Outside temperature LCD screen repair

For the first time since I have owned the car, my 300SE has a working outside temperature display.   Not only is it a useful feature of the car, but these small fixes can make the difference between the car seeming nice or a bit of a jalopy.

The W126 Outside temperature LCD repair is really easy.   It should be on the radar of any W126 (or W124) owner who has a failing outside temperature display.   It only took 30 minutes and is very easy.   Even better, the LCD illumination works when the headlights are on, when I thought it was broken.    I guess the old LCD was so cloudy the light couldn’t get through.

W126 Outside temperature LCDThis is my second attempt to fix the W126 Outside temperature LCD.   The first time, I bought the wrong LCD panel and them mounted it upside down.    After seeing the preliminary results, I was confident enough to order two more displays in Celsius to fix the 300SE and 560SEC.   Last time I wasn’t sure which way up the LCD went.   On closer inspection, there is a small dot in the centre on one of the long sides.   I was able to reverse how it had it previously.    Considering the ease replacement and the impact it has on the car, the new LCD panel is very good value.

W126 Outside temperature LCD

The photo above shows the two new W126 outside temperature LCD panels and the broken old one.   As with my prior attempt, the little back contact blocks need to be re-used in the temperature display unit.   As long as you’re careful, it is very easy to mount the new LCD panel.     It was a nice day when I fitted the panel today, but I can remember the display on my old 560SEC in Michican reading -20F.

Now the fix is done for my 300SE, next is to remove the instrument cluster and also repair the 560SEC display.

Update – 27/4/21:  I have now completed the job on the 560SEC too.   See that article for more details, especially how to ensure the display is not too bright.

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