Rover P5 Coupe parts car update

My old Rover P5 Coupe parts car is almost completely dismantled.   It is being parted out to aid in the restoration of three other coupes.   These coupes are in much better condition but needed certain parts to return to the road.    Last I saw the car there were still key parts on it, but all that is left is the engine and transmission.

Rover P5 Coupe

The car is now in a rather sorry state.    It was never in great condition, but it did make the drive back from Canberra to Sydney after the Flynn auction.  Not bad for such a cheap car.    It looks like the bonnet has been used as an outdoor painting bench!

DG Box

The engine is being kept in reserve for the restoration, but the owner will probably sell the DG automatic gearbox as the restoration projects are all manual/overdrive.    It is a shame to see such a rare car parted out, but at the same time this one very rough car is being sacrificed to get three very nice ones back on the road.   This P5 coupe parts car was originally stone grey with a red interior.   When I bought the car it has a poor quality vinyl roof that is unlikely to be factory.

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