JDCA run to St Albans

Today the JDCA organized a run up to St Albans, which is just north of Sydney.   I hadn’t had a chance to take the E-Type on a long run, so thought it would be a good opportunity.   It was one of the biggest car club runs I have been on with nearly 100 sign ups and at least 20 E-Types joining in.  E-Types ranged from early 3.8 flat floors right up to late S3s, with most of the major variants covered.


The run started in Glenorie (I took Galston Gorge which is a far nicer drive in an E than the M2) and proceeded along the Old Northern Road to Webbs Creek Ferry (adjacent to Wisemans Ferry), and then up the river to St. Albans.    It was a lovely drive and one I had not known about before – I knew of Webbs Creek ferry, but didn’t know where the road went – only that I had seen the other end of it far north and it was unsealed.   The road is sealed, at least to St. Albans and it is worth a drive as there is a very nice pub and a gently meandering road to get there.


While the run was organised by the E-Type register, there were a few XKs, MK2s, a Mk1, XJs and some modern Jags too.


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