My Traction is migrating north

My Traction Avant is now sold and is migrating north.   Like many before it, it is crossing the tweed for a new life in Queensland.   My experience selling the car wasn’t too bad.   I advertised the car on and in ‘The Chevrons’.   ‘The Chevrons’ is the magazine of the Citroen Club of NSW.    In the end I had four interested parties and four offers.   One of them was quite silly, but the rest of them were at least in the ballpark.    The winning offer was from carsales.   I didn’t bother advertising on Gumtree, it seems better for cars less than $5,000.

Queensland seems to be quite a hub for Citroen enthusiasts.  My DS came from Queensland, and they had over 60 DS models at the 60 year anniversary day.  In NSW, we only barely cracked double digits.   I’ve also seen pictures of many tractions lined up at various events up there.

The new owner sent a truck to pick up the car, from there it will go to a depot in Minto before it finally makes its way north.

DS Sold

Before I prepared the car for the journey, I made a video overview of the car.   Overall the production quality is terrible.  I have a lot to learn about how to make good videos.   However, since I will no longer have access to the car, I have posted it.   I will probably try and do something better for the other cars in time.   The worst is the angle of the camera is quite wrong and the bottom part of each shot is cut off.

Overall I enjoyed my experience as a Traction Owner.   It is an iconic car and you really have to own a car like this to experience it.  It also helped me see some of the interesting aspects of pre-war cars.   While my traction was not pre-war, it is a pre-war design.

I’m not sure I would ever buy another Traction, not because I don’t like them, but because there are so many other interesting cars to experience.

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