420SEL parts car update

I’ve owned my 420SEL parts car for a while now, and not really provided any updates as to how it’s going.   Overall, I’m glad I purchased the car, although it’s hard to find enough time dismantling it.

I’ve been able to recoup some of my money selling a few parts, but I really need to put more effort into this in 2023.    I’ve sold a couple of interior trim bits, the air cleaner, boot floor, blower motor and regulator, bonnet latch etc.     My main goal in buying the car was parts I wanted myself, but my secondary goal was at least breaking even on the purchase which I have not yet done.420SEL parts car update
Early on, I was able to get the car to sort of run with starting fluid.   The fuel injection system was partially dismantled, which was the straw that broke the camel’s back for this car.
The car was also useful in planning my Becker installation for the 560SEC, I was able to find the X30 power block on RHD cars and experiment getting some of the trim off.   I did break a few pieces which meant I didn’t on the SEC!    I’m also going to experiment with removing the armrest before I do so on the 300TE.
I’ve also used a few parts on my own cars already.    A tail light and rear headrest is on my recently sold 300SE.   The rear view mirror is on the 300TE, an X30 wiring harness on the SEC.    I also plan to use some of the rear door pulls on the front door of the 560SEC.    I’ve also used various screws for projects where they were missing or in poor shape.    The original speakers have been invaluable to test Becker radios.
And then there are the parts I’ve saved for my own future use.    The headlights, front corners, the taillight I have not already used are really good to have.   I’ve got plenty of switches and other interior bits and pieces that are really useful to have.    I still have not yet removed the SLS struts, but they were a big reason why I bought the car.

420SEL parts car update

I’m now getting to the point of diminishing returns for myself, so if I got a decent offer for the rest of the car, minus the struts and wheels, I would let it go.     If not, I’ll dismantle it further before sending the rest to the crusher.   The interior is mostly out, and my next project is probably the bumpers.   While they are not perfect, they are in ok shape and I can probably go a good way to breaking even by selling those alone.   The door cards are in good shape and the wrong colour for my SEL.  A good candidate for sale.

I took the seats out and removed the poor quality sheepskins.   The leather on the front seats is in poor shape and the back seat only average.   The motors all work, so that part i’ll probably keep for my own use.  The leather is not much use to me as my saloon is grey.

In an ideal world, if space was no issue, I would just keep it around and pull parts off when required.   But the car does take up space I would either use or rent out, so it will need to go at some point.

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