Citroen Club Tech Day

Today I attended my first Citroen club tech Day.  The event was at Schenk & Co Panel Beaters in Lidcombe.     It was a great event.   I got a lot of great advice on my car and was able to drive two manual Safaris (a 67 ID21 and 74 ID23).   I also got my dash back in and tested a lot of the warning lights.   For some reason the instrument cluster is no longer illuminating when the headlights are on, so I need to look at that.    I also restocked on some LHM to prevent me from getting stranded!

On my list now is to get a new radiator cap with the right pressure, new rubber ‘bump stops’ for the rear suspension, and re-route a cooling hose in the engine bay.

I drove all three of these cars today.

I drove all three of these cars today.

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