Citroen DS Window rubbers and felts

After my Citroen DS was painted, there were a couple of cosmetic things wrong with the car that were far more noticeable.   One of them was the DS window rubbers and felts.    The previous owner had used generic units, and they didn’t fit all that well.   Proper reproduction units are available, which are the right size and use the standard mounting points.

I didn’t get a chance to take before and and after photos, but the new DS window rubbers and felts look much better.

DS window rubbers

As well as the proper window rubbers and felts, the correct mounting hardware is also required.

DS window rubbers and felts

This isn’t a job I tackled myself, as I wasn’t sure how it was done.    I did learn a bit more about the history of my car.   The window hardware, and maybe the doors are not original to this car.   Fairly early in the production run, the window mechanism was modified to push the top of the window harder against the seal when it is closed.   This modification was done due to sealing and wind noise complaints.   My car does not have this.   I know I have a DS19 boot lid, and an ID19 roof, so when the car was fixed up in the 90s, it would seem that a fair number of DS19/ID19 parts were used.     The car also used to have DS19 window winders, which I have since replaced.

DS window rubbers

In the picture above, the mounting hardware can just be seen.   It actually worked out quite well I did this job, as the adhesive I used for the plasic moisture panels had already started to come off.   This time, I used the same adhesive as I had used for the Mercedes W126 under bonnet insulation.

The car is almost ‘finished’.  I am waiting on one more piece of chrome trim around the roof I am replacing.  I also need to re-fit the boot badges that I removed to have the paint polished on the boot lid.

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