DS sill trim – replacement part 4

The project to replace the sill trim progresses well.   The glue had done a good job with the passengers side trim in part 3, so I proceeded to glue down the drivers side as well.

driver side

While this set, I was able to re-attach the seatbelt and then start working on re-attaching the lower stainless steel trim.   The stainless steel trim is quite fiddly, as it needs to be attached to the car in one long piece.


I found it easier to rest the front of it on a small cardboard box and then start attaching the rear.   The trim screws in at the top, holding down the silver covering that is mostly glued down, and clips over the ridge in the floor pan of the car.   The front is much harder with the mud flap, I started with a few screws to hold in the rear piece, and a couple middle of the front section to locate the trim, then to start from the back making sure the trim is clipped into the bottom before tightening the top.     The rear is on nicely now, although I was not able to finish the front as the jack stand is in the way.

now attached


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