Auto Brunch St Ives June 2019

Auto Brunch is a monthly cars and coffee event only 10 minutes from where I live.   I stopped by the June event today.   This is an interesting event in that while there appear to be some regulars there is also a lot of variety in the cars you see each time.   As you would expect given the production volume, the MGB was the most popular car there.   Even with the MGB you get a bit of variety comparing roadsters, MGB GT, rubber nose etc.    This time, it appeared that the Austin Healey club owners must have arranged to go as they were well represented with about 10 cars.   There was also a good showing of Alfa Romeo and Porsche.

Probably the most striking car was the 1961 De Soto.   De Soto is not a well known brand in Australia.  It is a former Brand of Chrysler that slotted in between Plymouth and Dodge.   The family resemblance was there for the more famous Chrysler products of the year like the 300G.      As I was leaving there was also a nice D Special arriving that I went back to photograph.     At the event, there was a modern Ferrari parked near a MGB.   The size difference of sports cars was striking.   The Ferrari looked rather bloated compared to the MGB.


The representation of Classic Mercedes was a bit thin on the ground.   There was a nice 190SL, a 107 SL with a body kit, and a /8 that had been unfortunately slammed and bagged.    I went in my 450SLC so I could take two of my children who enjoyed walking around and choosing which of the cars they liked the most.  Last time I took the 300SE, but back in November of last year I was there in the SLC.   There were a couple of Classic Jaguars, but only the one Citroen.

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