Ad of the week: Pennzoil Jaguar

This weeks Ad is a Pennzoil ad that ties their engine oil to the high performance XK engine and its over inflated performance specs.   Still the ad had a great cutaway of the engine and the triple carburettor setup.  The Jaguar E-Type had a lot of suppliers trying to associate with it during the early 60s.

Jaguar XKE Engine Pennzoil

This is the power plant built for the Jaguar XK-E.   It deserves Pennzoil “Protection Reserve”

This is a beautiful, precision-tooled instrument of power. It’s built to deliver smooth, responsive performance for a lifetime. And the man who owns one takes exception pride in it – takes exceptional care of it.

For this kind of man, we make Pennzoil Z-7 Motor Oil with protection reserve. To provide his fine engine with the ultimate lubrication quality and protection, even under the tremendous demands of ultra-highs-speed performance.

Pennzoil is the world’s richest motor oil. It’s 100% pure Pennsylvania crude; refined by a special process; fortified with exclusive Z-7, the “lifetime” additive. And it offers Protection Reserve.

Many top racing drivers depend on Pennzoil. Many sports-car owners swear by it. Treat the power plant in your car to Pennzoil Z-7 for the finest lubrication… Plus Protection reserve.

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