MBCNSW May 2021 night drive to Bilpin

Last night was the monthly MBCNSW May 2021 Night drive.   This month we did a repeat of our very successful November 2020 drive to Bilpin.    As with last time, we met in Windsor and then headed up to the Apple pie cottage for a late dessert.

MBCNSW May 2021 night drive

Unlike the warm summer weather of last year, it was a little colder last night.   Only one brave soul (our club president) did the drive with the top down, with temperatures ranging between 5-13C.    Probably due to the cooler weather, the turn out was a bit smaller, but we still have 11 people on the drive.

MBCNSW May 2021 night drive

This time instead of heading up through Richmond, we took a back road through Freemans Reach.   It was a much nicer drive and one I would do again.  The drive up to Bilpin is very pleasant at night with minimal trucks to get stuck behind and a lack of traffic in general.

MBCNSW May 2021 night driveThe only downside is that I am pretty sure I was nabbed by a hidden mobile speeed camera on the way back.   NSW has removed all warning signs from their mobile speed cameras in the last few months.   Revenues are up by an order of magnitude and of course road deaths are unchanged.   This particular camera was on a long straight stretch of road with no hazards to speak of, and at 1:30AM with no other cars.   I can’t think of a more blatant attempt at additional taxation.

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