Microcars at the Powerhouse Museum

Sydney’s powerhouse museum currently has a display of microcars.  I assume its a temporary display, as they microcars are on loan from various owners.   The powerhouse museum is a science and technology museum in Ultimo, an inner city suburb of Sydney.   The name comes from the building – it’s located in an old power station.

I’ve always been facinated by Microcars, even though I wouldn’t fit in many of them.   Cars have gotten so big in recent years, that even small cars are comparatively huge by the standards of 20 years ago, let alone the heydey of the Microcar – the 50s.

The microcars on display hark from Europe, Japan and even the locally made Gogomobile models.   My favourite two microcars were both Gogomobiles.  The Dart sports car is a really attractive design, and the Carryall light van is really cool.

Since COVID, the Powerhouse museum has been free, so its worth stopping  by and checking it out.   If you have young children, there are a number of interactive displays on the same floor as the microcars.

I took the ferry in with the whole family to check out the museum.   It was a lovely day to ride the ferry and quite busy as it as a fare-free day today, due to recent industrial action.

ferry trip to see the microcars

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