2015 Mercedes Club NSW Concours

Today was the annual Mercedes Club concours and while it threatened to rain all day, the weather held off and a nice variety of cars showed up, including a gaggle of 190SLs, four 600s including a 4 door pullman and a decent number of cars from the ACT.   With all those 600s, I expected to see a dictator with a chest full of self-awarded medals and his secret police rounding up dissidents, but he must have kept it low key.

Highlights for me were seeing the 600 pullman and the 190SL display.   Interestingly, 3/4 600s were USA models in LHD and US headlights.   Considering Mercedes sold a decent number of 600s in Australia (especially in Melbourne), it was interesting to see so many US cars.     There were no pre-war cars this year, the oldest car being a 1951 170.  The 170 was sold new in Australia –  The war was still only 6 years ago when this car was sold, so an interesting choice for the buyer.   There were a good amount of W113s on display.   Surprisingly, given their growing popularity, not really much of a showing for W123s, and few 6 cyl W108/9s.

I entered my car in for judging, mostly because I had never done it and was interested in the process.   I didn’t expect to do all that well – my car is very nice but I would rather drive it than detail the engine bay and there are a couple of non-standard items including the polished rocker cover and intake manifold.    I’m glad I did it, but next year I will probably just go in show and shine.  Despite that I was a finalist, although there was a 220SE which will be the likely winner.

One thing I noticed was that a number of the 190SL owners were in their 30s, which is in line with my theory for the future of old car ownership.   Really special and iconic cars will find a new generation of owners, but I do worry about regular, but interesting cars finding that next generation of owner.  While that will keep the prices lower for me, a critical mass of owners is important for parts availability, skills etc.

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