Cocomats for the 250SE Cabriolet

I’ve owned my 250SE almost ten years and always had a mind to replace the cheap rubber mats with Cocomats.    Today I fitted the Cocomats I bought as part of a group buy with a few friends.    I also purchased a set for my 560SEC and went into a bit more about the purchase there.


For the 250SE, I went with #53 Black/Grey.  This was an easy choice for the 250SE as it works well with the black interior and silver exterior.     Like the 560SEC, I went with the four piece set.    I have a centre cushion on my 250SE, so there is no console, but if there was a console there, I would have considered a console mat too.

There was a fair amount of adjustment required to the template for the 250SE.    This isn’t really that surprising given how few W111 Cabriolets were made in right hand drive, particularly the 250SE model with only 26.

UntitledAs you can see I had to be careful to go around the washer button and also the steering column.    The process of adjusting the templates is great.   It is time consuming, but it results in a set of cocomats that fit well.   Given I will probably be using these mats for a long time, it was certainly worth it.

At least if anyone else with a RHD W111 cabriolet wants a set, there is a good starting point with my template.     I don’t think my car was sold new with the Cocomats as it was picked up from the factory, but it was a common period accessory on these cars and I am really happy with them on my car.     I would recommend them for any classic Mercedes.

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