2011 British Car Show

The 2017 British Car Show was the 37th such event.   The first one I attended was the 2011 British Car show.   This website did not exist in 2011, so the photos were never posted.     Its interesting to see many of the same cars are still attending the show.   Many of these are now sporting classic registration as NSW has adopted a workable system.     The W.O. Bentley that I admired this year was also in attendance in 2011, along with another car.     In addition, there was a nice display of Jensen Interceptors, something missing in 2017.    The Daimler display was also larger and consisted of more of their classic models.

2011 British Car show

I had originally gone back to these old photos to see if I could spot a Derby Bentley.   I have recently read a book on them and was curious if I had spotted one at any of these shows.

Back in 2011, I was hoping to bring my E-Type to the show, but it had not yet arrived in Sydney from its voyage from the USA.   It would not be until the 2016 show that I would display it.

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