The R107 560SL is not the best model in the series

In recent years a nice 560SL is going for 3-4x the price of other R107s. They have always been the most valuable of the series, but are they worth the extra money? I would argue they are not event he the best model of the series. They might be the newest, and have the largest engine, but that doesn’t make them the best.

The 560SL was sold between 1986 and 1989 in the third ‘series’ of the model. It was a model only sold in the USA, Australia and Japan, primarily because the emissions regulations of these countries had taken […]

Ad of the week: 300SL Velvet Glove or Male Fist

This is a great ad for the 300SL roadster. It would probably be seen as Sexist today but it tries to cover the softer personality of the 300SL in roadster form but still the maintenance of the Gullwing’s performance. The Velvet Glove or Male Fist caption and some of the wording in the ad invokes powerful imagery. Unlike most of the bland ads you see today – one is great.

Velvet Glove or Male Fist… Drive as you will. But remember this; the 300SL cam “kicks in” with a tremendous wallop at over 4000 rpm. Beneath this line of […]

Ad of the week: 1955 300SL Gullwing

In 1955 direct fuel injection was a big deal, and I believe the 300SL was the first production car to have it. It certainly provided fearsome performance out of only 3 liters. This weeks ad focuses on the 300SL and in particular the direct fuel injection.

Ad of the week: Mercedes 300SL Roadster

This weeks ad covers the 300SL Roadster after it was launched to replace the Gullwing. The Ad focuses mostly on performance – a strong point for these cars.

Great Getaway Car: Mercedes-Benz

Escape to the great green world of spring and summer. Motor to the mountains, drive down to the sea. Slip the surly tethers of the working day and learn that how you go can often bring more satisfaction than where. Point the long potent snout of your Mercedes-Benz sports car down the highway and, as distance dissolves, thrill pridefully to the incomparable control you exercise of the […]