Ad of the week: Mercedes 300SL Roadster

This weeks ad covers the 300SL Roadster after it was launched to replace the Gullwing.   The Ad focuses mostly on performance – a strong point for these cars.

Mercedes 300SL Roadster Getaway Car

Great Getaway Car: Mercedes-Benz

Escape to the great green world of spring and summer.   Motor to the mountains, drive down to the sea.   Slip the surly tethers of the working day and learn that how you go can often bring more satisfaction than where.  Point the long potent snout of your Mercedes-Benz sports car down the highway and, as distance dissolves, thrill pridefully to the incomparable control you exercise of the machine.   Shift down… fast.  Corner!  Watch the tach plummet then climb as you surge forward.   Sense the superiority of this automobile as you become more and more a part of it, sensitive to the perfection of its moves and its indescribable subtlety.  For this is the greatest motoring experience on ear… driving your Mercedes-Benz.  Can you think of a better means of getting away from it all?

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