DS Instrument Cluster

The instrument cluster of my Citroen DS needed to be removed to fit the new Retrosound Model Two radio I had purchased for the car.    While it was out, I had a few things I wanted to address:

  • My temperature gauge was disconnected
  • The silver circles around the gauges were peeling off
  • There was minimal speedometer illumination, a problem in our world full of speed cameras
  • I wanted to move from MPH to KPH
  • One of the corners of the housing was broken off due to the screws being tightened too much

Since the instrument cluster was not original (the previous owner told me he had replaced it at some point) and I have no idea of the total mileage of the car, I purchased another instrument cluster from French ebay and removed the KPH from the unit (four screws at the back and remove the buttons at the front to open the unit and a couple more screws to remove the rev counter and speedo).   I also fixed the temperature gauge where the needle had been bent.

The result looks much better, and I can actually see at night!  I haven’t yet tested the temperature gauge since I have not yet installed the sensor on the engine.     I still need to find out why the STOP light only sometimes works.   I’m also not sure if the temperature light works, brake pad light etc.


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