Ad of the week: 300SL Velvet Glove or Male Fist

This is a great ad for the 300SL roadster.  It would probably be seen as Sexist today but it tries to cover the softer personality of the 300SL in roadster form but still the maintenance of the Gullwing’s performance.     The Velvet Glove or Male Fist caption and some of the wording in the ad invokes powerful imagery.    Unlike most of the bland ads you see today – one is great.

Mercedes 300SL Velvet Glove Male Fist

Velvet Glove or Male Fist… Drive as you will.   But remember this; the 300SL cam “kicks in” with a tremendous wallop at over 4000 rpm.  Beneath this line of demarcation you have a gentle automobile submissive in fourth even as low at 750 rpm.  Above it, you have a surge of asphalt-shredding power.  Drive as you will, the Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster is in tune to the touch of your toes, and the feel of your fingers on the gear shit… Man or woman!

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