For Sale: 1954 Traction Avant Light 15

UPDATE: 30/4/19 – This car is now SOLD.

My Traction Avant Light 15 is for sale.  It will go up on carsales in a couple of weeks.   The asking price will be $22,500.  The Light 15 was built in 1954 in Slough.  As an English built Traction it has more luxuries than the cars built in Paris.   It also has 12v Lucas electrics.

More than $20,000 has been spent on the car over the last couple of years including work on the engine/gearbox, front end rebuild, valve adjustment, new fuel pump.

Traction Avant

The best thing about the Traction Avant is how well they hold the road on long winding drives.   Much better than most other cars of the period, even though it is a 30s design.

Light 15

You also get more chrome on the British built Tractions.   The opening windscreen functions as a rudimentary air conditioning, once you get up to speed there is a lot of ventilation in the car.

Light 15

As a 1954 model, it has the big boot.   Not as attractive as the earlier small boot cars, but far more usable.

Light 15

The Light 15 is the small body traction.   It works much better than the big body with the 1911c engine.   My traction also has the correct Michelin tyres.

Light 15

The engine is a 1911cc overhead valve four cylinder.   It has a new fuel pump with a priming lever to aid starting it after it has been sitting for a while.    The valves were also adjusted recently and the gearbox re-sealed.

Light 15

The dashboard has been re-done and looks great.   The front carpet is also new.

Light 15

I’ll be sorry to see the car go – I’ve enjoyed it over the four years its been in my care.

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