W126 A/C almost blowing cold

My fight with the W126 Air Conditioning system is almost over. When I purchased the car, the A/C worked rather well. After the water pump gave out, it looks like it shorted out the compressor clutch. Changing out the clutch is not much different to changing out the whole compressor, so I sourced a new compressor and receiver/drier. This was rather irritating as working air conditioning was factored into the price I paid for the car.

I went through the entire climate control system of the car as part of my troubleshooting. I found that the car had a missing […]

Update – Aldi compressor

Unfortunately this post was lost during the website crash of January 2015.

However, the post was basically about the Aldi compressor failing fairly soon after purchase, but Aldi replacing it no questions asked.

Aldi compressor

Aldi were doing a special on a 50l compressor for $129, including basic accessories. Even if the unit is poor quality, at that price I couldn’t pass it up. So far all I have done with it is inflate tyres, but as I use it more, I will post a proper review.