MBCNSW May 2023 Night Drive – Mulgoa Road

The May night drive was a little bit different.   It turned out to be the farewell drive for one of our night drive regulars who is moving to Queensland.   Based on that, we had a good turn out of people along for the drive.    We also had a few others come along just to the starting point.   That is quite a good option for those who don’t want an especially late night, as it gets their car out for a bit of a run, but an earlier bed time.

We met in Windsor near the Harry’s Cafe de Wheels.   Despite its reputation for being a late night eatery, it was closed.   The competition was open though.   We managed to fill up this fast food parking lot with classic Mercedes.  We even attracted a fair number of onlookers.   At least at the starting point, we had:

  • W111 – My 250SE Cabriolet
  • W108 – 280SE & 3 x 280SE 3.5
  • W116 – 450SE
  • W126 – 380SEL limo and 380SEC
  • W124 – 300E x 2, 300E 2.6 & 230E
  • Modern – A35 AMG

It was quiet an impressive line up.  We’ve never had so many of the old cars before.  At the assembly point somebody could smell fuel from the W108 280SE.    When you have a group of car enthusiast and a bonnet is open, it it like bees to a pot of honey.    So it was when the 280SE bonnet was open to check for a fuel leak.

Mulgoa RoadOnce it was time to go, a couple of the cars (A 280SE 3.5 and the 280SE W108) peeled off and the rest of the group started the drive.   Our ultimate destination was the Chubby Buns Burger truck in Campbelltown.    From Windsor, we started down the Northern Road, went through Penrith and then took the back roads through Mulgoa road, Silverdale road, then into Campbelltown via Cobbitty.

The first 20 minutes of the drive was a bit nothing, so I next time I would find a starting point close to the M4 where Mulgoa road branches off.   From there the drive was a lot of fun – hardly any traffic and good roads.   A bit bumpy like a lot of semi-rural Sydney roads.

For this drive, I was near the back, and I was able to witness the amazing sight of a full size limo keep up with a pretty decent pace on windy back roads.  It would have been hilarious to see how any passengers got on in the back – especially if they had to ensure they didn’t spill the Champagne.

I took my 250SE, and while it was great to get it out, some of the issues where it will hesitate and stutter like its not getting enough fuel then be fine again have come back.   My mechanic thinks we may have to send the fuel injection pump off to be refurbished.   Last time I took it on a long drive it was a lot better, but it appears that was an isolated incident.

When we got to Chubby Buns we pretty much filled up the entire adjacent (closed) service station with classics.    Due to the limo, the lady working there asked us if we had come from a wedding!

Overall it was a really enjoyable drive, and a good send off too.

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