240D motor mounts, engine shock and thermostat

I just got my 240D back from having the motor mounts changed. When I purchased the 240D, the motor mounts were one of the few obvious things that needed attending to on the car. They looked pretty bad and the engine was shaking at idle.

On a W123 or W126, normally I would go with the Lemforder motor mounts, which are excellent. I couldn’t find any of those for sale. Generally I avoid Meyle parts as I find their quality and longevity questionable. However, I had read a couple of good reviews of their HD parts. Given 240Ds have […]

450SLC major service and poor quality engine mounts

This week my 450SLC has been in the workshop having a major service. This was the first time since the big trip to Adelaide last year. There were a few things to sort out, but one of the major ones was having new engine mounts fitted.

These were noted as collapsed when I had the car checked over before the trip to Adelaide. There wasn’t time to replace them, so I ordered a new pair and they were finally installed this week. I was pretty disappointed as it wasn’t all that long since I replaced them and I had used […]