Product Review: SCA Hydraulic Vehicle Positioning Jack

Supercheap Auto had their hydraulic positioning Jack on sale ($162 e.a.) last week so I picked up a set for the garage.   There are some parts of the Garage that are not easy to get cars in/out of, and I’ve also had situations such as with the 280CE where there are cars that are not running for extended periods of time as I work on them.   I also had a $100 gift voucher to use, and about $25 of credit on their loyalty card that was going to expire.

If you’re not familiar with how this tool works, basically it involves lifting the car a couple of CM off the ground by the tyres.  The jack moves two arms together against the tyre that pushes the car upwards, then you can push the car around on casters.


The photo above shows the 450SLC lifted up on the four jacks.  Overall the jacks work as designed, you can slide them up to the tyre, and lift the car and move it around.  Having said that, the effort required to push the car around was much greater than I was expecting.  It took considerable effort to push the 1700kg SLC around a flat painted concrete floor.   It does give you quite precise movement, so you can slide the car exactly where you want, although obviously if you slide it too closely against a wall it is stuck on the jacks until you move it out.   It is possible that the movement will ease up a bit as I use the jack more, but since they moved easily on the floor with no weight, I suspect not.   The removal process was also slower than expected, there is no quick release like with a floor jack, and I had to release the valve then use a rubber mallet to get the jacks to open up.

Overall I would rate this product 3.5/5.   It does the job, but could be easier to use, the wheels could give you a bit easier pushing ability.

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