Auto Brunch St Ives March 2021

I visited the St Ives Auto Brunch event again this month.   Like last time, the event was huge – probably slightly bigger this time.   Due to other commitments i didn’t even get to see all the cars yet I was there for over two hours.

I got there about 7;30AM and there were already queues to get in.    While there is a bit of chaos, I like they have not brought in over zealous security guards that would just spoil this event.   One thing that would be good would have been if they were to open a few more of the grassy areas to park cars.

This time I took the 560SEC.   I’ve not displayed that car at Auto Brunch before.   It was a Mercedes-Benz club official event, so I didn’t even need to fill in the log book.   There were also a fair few Mercedes-Benz’s on display, including a number of SL models, including 107, 113, 121 and 129.     It was also an official event for the Citroen Club, so this time there was a nice display of Classic Citroens including a DS, a CX, a GS and a couple of 2CVs.    It’s a shame I had already sold my Traction before I started coming to this event, as it would have been nice to display it there.

It must have also been an official event for the Jensen Club too.   There was a really nice selection of cars, obviously the Interceptor and FF, but also some of their earlier models.

Auto Brunch St Ives

There were also other highlights including an NSU Ro80, an amazing early Rolls Royce (Silver Ghost I think), a lot of nice Jags, a WO Bentley, and a really nice Maserati.    I had two of my kids with me and their highlight was being able to sit in a real racing car, which one owner kindly allowed them to do.

There is always something different to see at St Ives Auto Brunch, which is what keeps me coming back.   It is better to get there around 7:30AM before it gets really busy driving in.

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