107 107’s across the harbour bridge

2021 was fifty years since the introduction of the R107 and C107 models. The R107 would go on to be particularly long lived model, finally getting the axe in 1989. Despite being obviously old by then, it was still selling well right through the 80s.

As part of the celebrations for the model, the Mercedes Benz Club decided to attempt driving 107 107’s across the Harbor Bridge. According to club officials, the 107 is the most popular model in the club. That meant we may be in with a shot! It was still going to be a big ask. […]

W107 Foglight lens replacement

Earlier this year I managed to smash a foglight lens on a MBCNSW drive to Berry. I drove over a large stick on the road that flicked up and smashed the lens. I saw the stick, but there wasn’t really a way of avoiding it without risking an accident. The low slung floglights on the 107 model look cool, but they are always at risk of road debris. I’m pretty lucky that after 18 years of ownership, this is the first time I’ve smashed a W107 foglight lens.

In the short term, I removed the broken lens so I didn’t […]