Mercedes Saloon Price List – November 1966

I recently came across an old price list for Mercedes-Benz in Australia in the mid 60s.   They were very expensive cars back then, probably more so than they are today, and even a base  model was around double a holden, let alone the range topping (for the saloons) 300SE.

These prices are for the standard car, so most buyers would have selected at least some options, further increasing the price.    The price list covers the W110, W111 and W108 Saloon cars.  The Automatic transmission was an expensive option, close to 10% of the price of the car.

Mercedes Benz Passenger Car Price List
Saloon Range
25th November, 1966

ModelList PriceSales TaxRetail Price
200 Saloon$4485.23$864.77$5350.00
200 Auto Saloon$4941.48$954.52$5896,00
200D Saloon$4699.23$906.77$5606.00
200D Auto Saloon$5155.48$996.52$6152.00
230 Saloon$4780.98$923.02$5704.00
230 Auto Saloon$5237.23$1012.77$6250.00
230S Saloon$5319.00$1031.00$6350.00
230S Auto Saloon (C.A.R.)$6014.25$1167.75$7182.00
250S Saloon$5925.75$1150.25$7076.00
250S Auto Saloon$6657.00$1294.00$7951.00
250SE Saloon$6459.00$1255.00$7714.00
250SE Auto Saloon$7190.25$1398.75$8589.00
300SE Auto Saloon$8865.25$1727.75$10,593.00

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