Some of my favorite car related links on the Internet.



  • OzBenz – An Australia/NZ Forum for Mercedes, focused more on the older cars.    Sponsored by MB Spares (See parts suppliers)
  • Topklasse – An Australian forum focused on the 107, 126 and 116 Mercedes.   A small, but tight community with many members based in Sydney.
  • – Focused on the W116 S Class from 1972-1980.   Also makes available a great library of materials on this model.  Initially started in Australia, but has more of a USA based membership now.
  • Peachparts – A US based forum associated with a parts store.   I find this the best of the US forums for the older cars.
  • Benzworld – Another US based forum, seems to be better for the newer (90s and above) cars.

Model Pages

  • Heckflosse Homepage – this is one of the best Mercedes pages on the Internet and covers the Fintail Sedan, Coupe and Cabriolet models.
  • W111 Coupe / Cabriolet – A fairly new site on the W111 Coupe/Cabriolet

Other Information

Parts Suppliers

  • MB Spares – A Canberra based supplier that offers new, used and NOS Mercedes parts.   Sponsor of the OzBenz forum.   They are very knowledgeable and ship the parts very quickly.
  • Silver Star Spares – Based in Sydney
  • Mercedes Benz Classic Center California –  They can help with specific classic parts.
  • For some parts it can make sense to buy in the USA and use a remailing service like   these are the main suppliers:
    • Peachparts – Associcated with the PeachParts forum.
    • AutohausAZ
    • Ecklers – Make sure you check the brand of the part you’re buying as this site is not as clear as some of the others.
    • ECS Tuning
    • FCPEuro – Not as good for the cars earlier than 90s, but does offer a lifetime guarantee.



  • Aussiefrogs – Forum for french cars in Australia.  Good active community and a nice iOS app.
  • Citroen Car Club of NSW – They run regular tech days and other events.   I’m a member and there is a wide group of friendly DS enthusiasts.

DS information

  • Le Nuancier DS – the best DS website on the Internet.  Most of it is in French, but very readable through google translate.
  • Citronet DS Section – A lot of good information on the DS model.
  • DS – ID – Another collection of great information about the DS.   Unfortunately this site has not been updated in some years.
  • – A photo gallery of a few restored Pallas models.
  • DS in Asia – A site on the Citroen DS in Asia
  • 1973 DS23 Restoration – A blog site on a restoration of a 1973 DS23 Pallas BVM

Parts Suppliers

  • Citro Classique (also known as Citro Toon).   – I purchased my interior kit from them.   Good quality and a reasonable price.
  • Western Hemispheres – The largest supplier in North America.  I’ve used them for a few things and had good experiences.   Shipping from North America is cheaper than from europe.
  • Der Franzose – They have the largest online catalogue.   I’ve bought quite a few things from them as it is every easy to find what you want online.
  • – Another German site – Expensive shipping but you can get around that using a German remailer.
  • Citroworld – A Dutch supplier, I’ve purchased a few orders from them.
  • Citroen Classics – A UK based site that has a good catalogue as well as the ability to get hard to find used parts.  I got my rear lights here.
  • Sylvian Ebay store – Good range of parts (new and used) on French Ebay.   I got my instrument cluster in KM/H here.
  • Oleoneumatics – An Australian parts supplier I have used.   No online catalogue, but available via email or phone.


E-Type Information

  • xkedata – This is a user driven E-type register.   Anyone can add a car to the register that own, have seen, have owned etc to build up information about what cars are left in the world.   It’s also a great protection against scammers and re-birthers.    If only something like this was available for other cars I’m interested in.


  • Aussie old parked cars – Photos of interesting cars still in regular use
  • Retrosound – Manufacturer of great period looking audio equipment.  I have their radios in my E-Type and my DS.