Fitting the AMG Aero I wheels to my 560SEC

I’ve had the AMG Aero I wheels ready to go for a couple of months.   I couldn’t fit them until the Penta wheels were on the 450SLC.   The reason was that I wanted to use the lug bolts from the SLC on the 560SEC.   I do have another set of the long style lug bolts, but they are not nearly as nice as the ones that were on the SLC.

As with the 450SLC, I planned to clean the wheel wells at the same time as changing the wheels.      After I had set up my new pressure washer, I figured I could do the last two wheels of the SLC and then all four SEC wheels on the same night.

No sooner than I started the job than it started raining steadily.    This wasn’t forecast, but I had the cars out and up on stands so I decided to press on.

Wheel swapAs with the 450SLC, the SEC had very dirty wheel wells.   I found the best way to clean them was to let the diluted wheel cleaner soak for a while then wash it off with the pressure washer.    Its hard to get the pressure washer in without getting close to the paint.  There is no other way to get rid of the accumulated road grime, bitumen and other debris.   There was less accumulated black residue than on the SLC, but being a UK car originally there were a few places with minor surface rust.   At some point when its not wet, i’ll remove the wheels and clean that up.

AMG Aero II’m really happy with how the AMG Aero I wheels turned out, but one thing that wasn’t perfect was the centre caps.   They were not a great fit and didn’t come up as well as the rest of the wheels.   I had a closer look and they were not original Mercedes caps.   I should have looked at this before I sent them out to be refinished.

In any case I had bought a pack of near new Mercedes caps from a garage sale a few years ago.   On fitting then, I made a small mark on one of the wheels which nobody but me will notice.   I’ll have to be careful with the finish to keep them nice.

AMG Aero IIt was just as well I mounted the new wheels when I did.  The lug bolts on the front wheels were very loose.   One was even missing!   Last time the wheels were off was when I had the brake hoses done.   I didn’t do this job, so it pays to check things like this after you get a car back from having work done.   It means the old wheels are being sold with 19 lug bolts, not 20.

AMG Aero IThe AMG Aero I wheels look much better than the old 8 hole wheels.   While I was at it, I was going to adjust the rear SLS, but it was almost 2AM and I was very wet and very muddy by this time.   That can be a job for another time.    I had to cover the seat with various rags and so on for the drive home.  The car drove really nicely on that short drive.

AMG Aero I

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