Enthusiast Insurance Cars and Coffee March 2024

Today I went to a cars and coffee event at Gough Whitlam Park.   It was organized by Enthusiast Insurance.    I had been invited by a friend, and assumed it was a regular cars and coffee event that they were sponsoring.   I think it was more an event for their customers.    I’m not an Enthusiast customer, but it didn’t seem to matter a great deal.

Gough Whitlam Park is the same location that is used for the annual German car show.   It is a bit small for that event, but probably better suited to a simple cars and coffee.   I would estimate around 100-200 cars were on display.    Probably the lions share of those were modern modified and performance cars, but there were some interesting classics too.

Enthusiast Insurance cars and Coffee

I took my 1965 250SE, primarily because it was the car I had at home on the day and it was a last minute decision to go.   Given the wet and humid weather we’ve had in Sydney, it was the first time in months I’ve driven the car with the roof down.

It was an interesting contrast to come to this event vs the normal cars and coffee events I go to.   I still think St Ives is the best one in Sydney, but this was a nice way to start a Sunday morning and I was able to catch up with some friends.

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