Site update – outage

This site went down on Monday of this week without warning. Apparently a provider of the hosting provider discontinued a server without giving them notice and they didn’t have adequate backups. The site is now up and running, but unfortunately my last database backup was corrupt, so I am having to manually upload a few months worth of posts. This is rather unfortunate, but ultimately, there are only 2-3 posts that will be lost.

This site started out as a way of keeping a diary of the things I do to my cars. Ultimately I started making the site for […]

MBCNSW Run to Sublime Point

The Mercedes club had a run today out through the Royal National Park to Sublime point. It was an official club run, so historic plated cars were welcome, and in particular was focused on the 107 series. Given this, I took the 450SLC. There were 7 107’s at the start and at least one more met us at the venue. 5 SLs and 2 SLCs, mostly 380, 450 and 500 models.

There was one 450SL that had just had its interior re-done from a kit bought in the United States. It looked great, even to the carpet in the boot. […]

E-Type register new year breakfast run

The JDCA E-Type register had an unofficial new year breakfast run yesterday up to Dural, and a good opportunity to take the Jag out for a drive. It was quite a hot day (around 34c), but the coolcat fan kept the temperature at or below 90 degrees, even in traffic or going up Galston Gorge on the way back. As this was an unofficial run, club plated cars were not allowed, but there was still a good selection of cars, with around 10-12 E-Types on display.

In the photo above, there is an XK120, and two Series 3 E-Types. […]