Ad of the week: Citroen DS power

This weeks ad is interesting that it tries to take the biggest weakness of the DS – the engine and try and turn it into a strength.   I prefer the other ads that focus on its real strengths like the economy, suspension etc.   In sales trying to turn a weakness into a strength can work well, but not sure if this approach did.  Later on the ad does discuss the virtues of Front-wheel drive and air-oil suspension.  Both of these are Citroen characteristics.

Citroen DS Pul

Plenty of pull when you need it.

First thing you sense when you slide behind the wheel of a Citroen is the fast, powerful crew you’ve got under the hood.

The motor will deliver 100 mph handily, if you ever need it.

Then there’s the way it takes the road. It’s the front-wheel drive. It actually pulls you around curves.

You feel a relaxed sense of control – an awareness you can step out and pass when you want to. It’s a good feeling; helps your driving, too.

And the more you drive a Citroen, the more you appreciate its agility.

You’ll find it great in winter. No skidding, thanks again to front-wheel drive. No chains, no snow tires.

It’s a car your wife can drive home some night in a blizzard – and you don’t worry.

And in any kind of weather, you’ll like the way a Citroen handles. A big car, it will turn in the same space as a small import – and park just as easily.

Other all-weather features: 28 to 34 miles to the gallon… the easy restful ride of Air-oil suspension… power disc-braking… tires good for 50,000 miles.

Put them all together and you see why owners talk with such pride about the Citroen, why it becomes such a part of the family.

If you’re looking for a car you can really fall in love with, open a flirtation with a Citroen.

A demonstration will do it.

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