MBCNSW Run to Sublime Point

The Mercedes club had a run today out through the Royal National Park to Sublime point.   It was an official club run, so historic plated cars were welcome, and in particular was focused on the 107 series.   Given this, I took the 450SLC.    There were 7 107’s at the start and at least one more met us at the venue.   5 SLs and 2 SLCs, mostly 380, 450 and 500 models.

107sThere was one 450SL that had just had its interior re-done from a kit bought in the United States.  It looked great, even to the carpet in the boot.   My SLC performed well, and on the hot day the open sided but closed roof pillarless coupe kept me cool, especially as the air-conditioning has become tepid over the last week or so.

The drive took us down through the Grand Pacific Drive, the sea cliff bridge and then up to Bulli Tops (Sublime Point).      As usual most cyclists showed courtesy and rode in single file, but there were the usual selfish packs that hold everyone up too.



I was also able to pick up the award for the 250SE for winning the display section of the Concours in 2014.

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