E-Type register new year breakfast run

The JDCA E-Type register had an unofficial new year run yesterday up to Dural, and a good opportunity to take the Jag out for a drive.   It was quite a hot day (around 34c), but the coolcat fan kept the temperature at or below 90 degrees, even in traffic or going up Galston Gorge on the way back.    As this was an unofficial run, club plated cars were not allowed, but there was still a good selection of cars, with around 10-12 E-Types on display.


In the photo above, there is an XK120, and two Series 3 E-Types.   The XK120 looks fairly stock, but it is actually a fairly heavily modified car, that includes air-conditioning, an automatic transmission, power steering and the like.   While I like to keep cars reasonably stock, well thought out modifications that result in the cars being used more are to be encouraged, as there is nothing worse than trailer queens.   Personally, If I were modifying an XK120, I would go with a 5-Speed manual instead of the automatic and probably forgo the power steering, but it is a lovely car and is used regularly.

The new year run is an annual event, I attended last year, but due to weather I didn’t take the E-Type.    The E-Type register is also proposing a semi-regular unofficial run.   I will probably try and attend one or two if I get the chance.

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