2016 CARNivale

The 2016 CARNivale was moved from the City (Sydney CBD) to Parramatta Park, due to the light rail construction.    CARNivale is a car show, held every Australia day since 1986, previously held on Macquarie street and around Hyde Park.  It has always been quite limited in terms of the number of cars allowed to be displayed (around 500 this year), which given the size of Parramatta park I am rather perplexed about.

The advantage of Parramatta park is that all the cars can be together instead of spread over multiple streets.  I still prefer the City though.   For some reason all the cars were jammed onto one fairly small paddock with not much room to move around between them.

2016 CARNivale

The pick of the day was probably some of the old commercial vehicles.   There was still a good selection of cars on display (about 500 apparently).

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