E-Type speedo bezel refitted

A while ago the E-Type speedo bezel and glass that protects the speedometer had fallen off.   I had tried to replace it in-situ, but the bezel fell off the next time I drove the car.    I later learned the correct way to do this and it is not very hard.

The panel under the dash that protects all the wires is easily removed providing access to the back of the instruments.   The speedometer has two thumb screws that hold it secure against the dash board.   They are hard to see, but can be felt.  They had slowly worked loose, letting the bezel rattle loose.  The fix is simply to un-tighten them, so the speedometer can be pushed out 0.5 cm, allowing the bezel to be twisted back on, then tighten up the screws properly.

Under Dash

I found it easier to move the steering wheel forward, and sit outside the car, leaning my head and arms into the footwell to reach up and unscrew/screw in the thumb screws.  The speedo needs to be held in place during the tightening so it stays straight.

E-Type speedo bezel

After that, since it was a beautiful summer’s night, what better than to make sure the fix was given a proper test drive!

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