Jaguar E-Type Fuel Hoses

While I was replacing the fuel pump on my E-Type I noticed some hairline cracks in the fuel hoses.   This was obviously a problem waiting to happen so I ordered a new set to replace them.   It is probably cheaper to buy the raw hose and adapt the original fittings, but SNG Barratt sell a kit with new hoses complete with fittings that is much easier to fit.  Postage is quite slow at the moment, so it was a few weeks before I finally got the hoses.

The cracks opened up even more as I removed them, so it was definitely worth it.   There are two E-Type fuel hoses the back of the car, with banjo fittings at each end.   One from the tank to the pump and one from the pump to a hard line at the front of the car.   There is an additional hose from the hard line to the carbies but I was not replacing this one today.

E-Type fuel hosesThe E-Type fuel hoses are quite accessible once the lining is out of the boot.  I already had it out to do the fuel pump.   It is worth buying new crush washers when replacing these hoses.  I didn’t think to order them and should have.    One of them was in quite bad condition.   I tried Supercheap Auto but they don’t sell this sort of thing.    There is a new Bursons near me where a very helpful lady found the exact match I needed.

Jaguar E-Type fuel hosesOne of the is a bit longer than is necessary, but there is room for the slack.    Once I sorted out the crush washers, I had no leaks with the pump running and the car idling.    I will take the car for a short test drive in the next couple of days to make sure that there are no further leaks.

The fuel leaks have damaged the paint in the spare tyre well.   I don’t need it to look pretty as this area is not visible, but I will have the paint repaired so I don’t get rust here.     I am looking forward to a nice long drive in the car without fuel leaks now the weather is nice and lock downs are finished.

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