MBCNSW 60’s models photoshoot

The Mercedes club is planning a feature in the magazine for models of the late 60s and early 70s.   They have previously done features on the 107 series and 124 series.   To accompany the article, the club organised a 60’s models photoshoot for some nice examples of various models this morning.   I was asked to attend, as my W111 Cabriolet is one of the few that gets regular use.

60's models photoshootWhile I was there, I was able to snap a few photos with my own camera.   Of course I had to be very careful not to get in the way of the official photographer, who was trying to set up each shot with the right angles.

The cars of this era are among the very best ever made by Mercedes-Benz.   It was great to see such a line up in one place.   There were 11 cars in total including:

  • A 600 (W100.012).   The 600 is an original Australian delivered car, in a lovely bronze colour.   It was previously owned by a Sydney radio identity.   At some point a previous owner fitted the USA style side marker lights and bumper overriders.   These are amazing machines, but not for the feint hearted.   I would love to drive one, but not sure I want to own one.
  • My 250SE cabriolet (W111.023).   It was a lovely day to get the car out, and my car being a 10/65 build was the oldest by a decent margin.
  • Two 280SE 3.5 coupes (W111.026).   These cars were in contrasting white and midnight blue, so were a good combination.   The midnight blue car is one of two known manual cars in Australia.
  • Two 280SE 3.5 saloons (W108.057).   Again contrasting maroon and horizon blue.   Both lovely examples of a very popular model.
  • Two 280S W108 Saloons (W108.016).   Both lovely original cars.   The cream car was recently purchased by a club member from the original owner, who is now 95.   The light green car has a great contrasting red interior with a manual transmission and was made in Malaysia.
  • Two 280SL Pagodas (W113.044).   The medium blue car has been with the same owner for 19 years and he has taken it all around the world including Hong Kong, USA, Singapore etc.   The midnight blue car is a multi-show winner.
  • A C114 280CE (W114.072).  The most immaculate W114 I have ever seen.  The engine bay is cleaner that most restaurant kitchens.

The photo shoot took place around the Wharoonga area, a leafy suburb of Sydney with large houses on generous block sizes.   The club had received permission from a few owners to use their driveways for the 60’s models photoshoot.    I expect the professional photos will come out looking like they are from an original brochure.

60's models photoshootThe weather was perfect for the day – sunny and warm, but a bit cloudy at first.   To sunny and its hard to capture the cars without so much reflection from the chrome.    Understandably, the line up got a lot of interested from locals, and there were a surprising number of people in the area with car collations that offered us the opportunity to have a look.

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